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How our pricing works

It’s easy to train your team on the Advertising Codes with our tiered pricing. Simply choose your course(s), identify the number of users per module, and calculate the total number of modules.

Total number of modules
Price per module incl VAT (excludes Insiders’ Guide module)
Insiders’ Guide Price per module incl VAT
1-4 modules
£54 per course
£30 per course
5-24 modules
£45 per course
£24 per course
25-49 modules
£36 per course
£21 per course
50-99 modules
£30 per course
£15 per course
100+ modules
£24 per course
£15 per course


5 users for Promotional Marketing
3 users for Misleading Advertising Parts 1, 2 and 3
Total number of modules = 14 modules
14 modules @ £45 per course = £630 inclusive of VAT.

You can include ‘Insiders’ Guide to the ASA and CAP’ courses in your total number of modules, for example:

15 users for Insiders’ Guide to the ASA and CAP
10 users for Promotional Marketing
Total number of modules = 25 modules (This means Insiders’ Guide will cost £21 per course and Promotional Marketing will cost £36 per course)
15 modules @ £21 per course (Insiders’ Guide) + 10 modules @ £36 per course (Promotional Marketing) = £675 inclusive of VAT.


  • The price per module is calculated by the number of modules purchased in that transaction.
  • Access is granted via an access key on receipt of payment.
  • Each subscription is valid for six months.

Why do we charge for CAP eLearning?

CAP provides authoritative advice on the advertising rules to help advertisers create responsible ads.

We created CAP eLearning as a not-for-profit resource for businesses, large or small, to offer affordable and easy to access training on the Advertising Codes. Any charges for eLearning access are to cover the costs of developing the modules.


You can pay online with a credit or debit card using Worldpay. Simply add your chosen module(s) to your basket using the green shopping cart button. NB it will only let you add one of each module at this stage.

Once you’ve created an account and signed in, update the number of modules per course on the ‘Check details page’ and click update. The basket will update to the correct price per module, based on your total number of modules.

If you’d prefer to be invoiced, please complete an order.

For more information or to purchase, please email elearning@cap.org.uk.

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