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Conduct a check up on your marketing claims. If youíre involved in advertising medicines, medical devices or products and treatments with health and nutritional benefits, this module will help you ensure your claims meet the requirements of the ad rules, can be substantiated and donít unintentionally mislead consumers.

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Stay on the right side of the line with your motor vehicle and in car technology advertising claims. This course provides an in-depth look at the motoring advertising rules as well as giving top tips on how to avoid common issues like pricing, promotions and misleading claims.

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Youíve got followers, but are you followers of the advertising rules? This module covers how and when the CAP Code applies to social media. As well as looking at which types of social media posts are likely to be covered by the Code, and why.

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Not too clear on what you need to know about UK ad regulation? This course provides the essential information required to begin creating ads that stick to the rules.

Hit the sweet spot when marketing food and soft drink products to children - this course will give you an overview of the main rules that apply when advertising these products to children in non-broadcast media.

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Do your offers stand up to the test? - this course covers and provides tips on the rules for the main types of promotion, including prize draws, competitions and price promotions.

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You wouldnít intentionally mislead your customersÖthis series of three modules provides advice and tips on how to avoid producing misleading ads inadvertently.

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Avoid an advertising headache - this course provides an understanding of the strict UK advertising rules for alcohol and how the ASA applies them.

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Donít take a gamble on your companyís reputation - this course covers the rules gambling advertisers need to know to create responsible campaigns in the UK.

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CAP eLearning is the most cost-effective, flexible and convenient way to gain a full understanding of the UK Advertising Codes. All of our courses are interactive, CPD certified, and contain real-life ASA case studies and finish with an assessment to test users on their knowledge.

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