Engaging content interactive courses to help safeguard your brand

Creating a campaign that falls foul of the rules could prove costly, not only financially but also in terms of brand reputation. Our courses are fully interactive and include real-life ASA rulings and a final assessment to help ensure the content is remembered.

Flexible learn where you want, when you want

Our courses can be taken in your own time, at your own pace and in a location that suits you. Access lasts for 6 months meaning the content can be re-visited over and over again to cement learning.

Cost-effective savings available on multiple purchases, plus no travel expenses!

CAP eLearning is the most cost-effective way of ensuring that you and your colleagues have a full understanding of the rules. The majority of our courses cost £54 (including VAT) per user, however, we offer a reduced price per user if five or more purchases are made at the same time.

Our courses typically consist of:

  • Coverage of all of the major rules in a specific area (for example Promotional Marketing)

  • Real-life ASA rulings to illustrate the rules

  • Case-study quizzes where the user can decide whether a complaint should be upheld or not upheld

  • Hints and tips on avoiding breaking the rules

  • An end of course assessment to test what has been learned

  • A personalised certificate on successful completion of the module

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