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Alcohol Advertising


Alcohol Advertising

Alcohol advertising is often a sensitive topic. Societal concerns about alcohol, in particular problems such as binge and underage drinking, mean that it is rarely out of the headlines.

The rules surrounding alcohol advertising are strict. However, it is still possible to come up with creative, effective ads that comply with the Advertising Codes. Receiving complaints about your ad can lead to brand damage and loss of money if the ad gets banned or has to be amended.

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The course is broken down as follows:

  • Introduction to alcohol advertising

    The first section gives an overview of the regulations on alcohol advertising, looking at why the rules surrounding alcohol advertising are very strict

  • Understanding the rules

    A comprehensive guide to the alcohol advertising rules through the use of real cases where an ad was either banned by the ASA or considered not to be a problem under the rules

  • Creating responsible advertisements

    Discover and learn some of the common mistakes that are made when advertising alcohol and how to avoid them and create responsible advertisements

  • Ad regulation in practice

    The final part has some practical exercises to put learning into practice

The course concludes with an assessment, and on passing a personalised certificate for your records.

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